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Here you will enjoy beautiful and unusual angel art, angel paintings, angel watercolors, angel watercolor paintings, angel prints, angel pictures, angel drawings, angel greeting cards, angel note cards, angel coloring pages, angel Christmas cards, and other spiritutal holy Christmas cards with and without angels featuring the Christ Child, Baby Jesus and the Mother and Child.

Besides angels, spiritual art, and Christian art, Mary Anne also specializes in several other areas such as make-believe fantasy art paintings of animals and children, make-believe and fantasy cards, and make-believe and fantasy note cards.

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Mary Anne paints mostly on rice paper with watercolor and sometimes with powder eyeshadow cosmetics mixed with water. She paints the background first and then overdraws the figures on her work with various pens making intricate line work. Many of her paintings and backgrounds have been painted from life from her garden in Sharon, CT. She usually starts by painting large fine art watercolors. Large paintings that do not come out to her expectations are then viewed as backgrounds for an angel, or angels or other small fantasy figures which pop up in her imagination.

Mary Anne says she designed this website because many people like angels and would possibly like to purchase them for their homes or give them for gifts. She feels her work to be unusual, of the highest quality and unlike anything else seen on the Internet.

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts (ECVA) offers Mary Anne the opportunity to express her spirituality through various calls to paint suggested themes. Mary Anne feels extremely honored to have her works accepted into these exhibits.

Featured Art:
Lily Angel

"Lily Angel"

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